Is Buttock Augmentation Right for You? Learn about the Procedure

A butt augmentation is basically a surgical procedure whereby the derriere, the gluteal area, is enhanced and reshaped. This procedure has been getting increasingly popular over the past ten years, with men and women all over the world choosing to have it done. A beautiful behind is something that looks sensual, so it is no wonder that it is now so popular. There are numerous ways of achieving these types of results, which is why it is important to get information about the butt augmentation surgical procedure before you choose the one that is right for you. Some of the options out there include the butt implants or the Brazilian butt lift, to name but a few.

When a Butt Augmentation May Be Right for You

The best candidates for butt augmentations are those with:

  • Buttocks that are too small for the person’s body frame. Having an augmentation will give a more balanced look.
  • Buttocks that are too square or flat. Patients who want to look curvier and more youthful will benefit from this procedure.
  • Sagging, loose or flat buttocks due to losing weight rapidly or due to aging.
  • Issues trying to properly fit swimwear to their figure.

A lot of people who choose to have a butt augmentation also look into thigh lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and liposuction.

The Benefits of a Butt Augmentation

Some of the benefits of this procedure include:

  • You will find that swimwear and clothes overall look and fit better.
  • Your body will be much more proportionate and shapely.
  • Your will have firmer buttocks that look uplifted and round. This gives you a curvaceous, youthful appearance.

The Disadvantages of Butt Augmentation

Unfortunately, everything in life also has cons. It is important to be aware of these so that you can find out whether or not a procedure is right for you. The disadvantages include:

  • Implants have been known to slip out of place after an implant lift. With a Brazilian butt lift, fat has sometimes been reabsorbed by the body. In either case, an uneven, asymmetrical look is the result.
  • Very slender people who want to have a large lift will have to turn to implants to get the results they want.
  • The full effect will not be visible for around three to six months, mainly due to postoperative swelling. It is not a quick fix solution, therefore.

These are just some of the things that you have to consider if you are thinking about having a butt augmentation. The ultimate decision on whether or not you will go ahead will ultimately rest with you, assuming, of course, that you are otherwise in excellent physical health. Take your time to discuss the procedure with a physician and to shop around for the best possible clinic as well. You must always make a decision that is as informed as possible, whereby you also have realistic expectations about the procedure itself and the results it will offer you.

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